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Create a Positive Shift in Your Life

Online Art Therapy Coaching with Wesdyne Otto

Diplomas in Art Therapy and Counselling

Serving People living with Disabilities and Chronic Illness

Meet Wesdyne

Art Therapy Coach, Writer, Creator

Wesdyne, pronounced Wes-Deen, is a

Disabled, Art Therapy Coach.

  • Want to create a fulfilling life with less stress and more ease? 

  • Want to improve your relationship with your child?

  • Parenting a child who struggles to love themselves? 

  • Adjusting to a chronic illness or disability?

  • Working through grief?

  • Feel alone and not sure what to do next?

Meet me online and we can come up with a plan to help you begin moving forward in ways that include your limitations and maximize your abilities. Use the art to explore what words can't say.

Find your laughter, hope, and strength. 


What I Specialize In

Posttraumatic Growth

Recover from a change that changes everything



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Art lets us leave behind words so we may express our truest selves.

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