Growth after Trauma

Group starts Jan. 2023

Learning to live again after a trauma is difficult. 

This 12 session program is offered over 24 weeks to allow you to integrate the changes that you are making as you recover from a trauma that changes everything.  Use the arts to discover how Posttraumatic Growth can help you manage trauma-symptoms. If you are living with insomnia, nightmares, racing thoughts, fear and uncertainty of the future, jumpiness, angry outbursts, and other traumatic symptoms there is help and hope. Explore the 5 areas of Posttraumatic Growth to help you choose how you want to create your life moving forward. This is the group I wish I had after my son died by suicide.

Meet Wesdyne

Art Therapist and Counsellor


I was a teacher and an artist.  MS prompted me to change careers. I went back to university and completed Art Therapy and Counselling diplomas. During my Art Therapy training I was

  • an art therapist at a school for 5 months,

  • ran groups for Parkinson's Alberta for 8 months,

  • ran weekend retreats for low-income women for 7 years, 

  • offered art therapy at a homeless shelter for 2 years,

  • provided individual art therapy for adults,

  • chaired a community meals program, 5 years

  • completed 7 years of Expressive Arts training

Recently I wrote the new American Disability Civil Rights History for use in Pennsylvania's new curriculum requirement. 

I have dyslexia and was a poor reader and daydreamer in school. I still cannot spell my way out of a wet paper bag.


I took a 5-year hiatus to recover after my 22-year-old son died by suicide. His death changed how I see the world.


It is with gratitude, relief, and new-found hope that I am finally able to offer therapeutic services again.

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Wesdyne - Pronounced Wes-Deen

What I Specialize In

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Posttraumatic Growth

Recover from a change that changes everything

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Art Therapy 


Parent & Child

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 Disability and Chronic Illness Counselling 

Adjust & Thrive

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Grief and Loss

Shift from longing to gratitude

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Art lets us leave behind words so we may express our truest selves.

The Positive Picture