My name is Wesdyne Otto

BA, BEd, Dip Art Therapy, Dip Counselling

I am a disability advocate living with a disability. 

In the past I have:

  • Written the American Disability Civil Rights History for a disability advocacy non-profit  group in Pennsylvania (2022)

  • University of Alberta Disability Awareness Presenter (2022)

  • Facilitator at weekend retreats for low-income women (2010-17)

  • Studio co-facilitator for adults living with intellectual disabilities (2014-16)

  • Community meals program (2009-14)

  • Parkinson's Alberta support group facilitator (2013)

  • Art Therapy at a homeless shelter (2011-13)

  • School Art Therapist (2012)


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Disability Training:
Awareness Presentations

Discover empathetic and empowering ways to think about disability. Learn the different models of disability. Discover where you learned all about disability. Solve re-world scenarios.​

Perfect for Educators, Social Workers, Healthcare Workers, and Post-Secondary Students.

Live, Interactive, Online Presentations

1.5 hour, 3 hour, full day 


Disability Training Content

Canadians with Disability in Canada, child and parent reading, male wheelchair user with d

Facts on Disability in Canada

Canadians living with Disability

Hands holding religious sayings, Disneyland castle, young boys watching tv, teacher and st

Where do we learn about Disability?

How We Understand Disability

Disability Stereotypes, young sad woman outdoors young man in background drinking alcohol,

How disability is commonly understood.

Disability Stereotypes

Models of Disability, man and wife judging at breakfast, mature man doing exercises with a

Moral, Medical, Functional/Rehabilitation, Psychological, Social Construct,

Human Rights

Models of Disability

A way forward, female wheelchair users wearing a hijab hugging her daughter, woman with lo

A Way Forward

Equity and Disability

Social Positive Shift 

Blog Posts

The Positive Picture