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DEI and Disability Awareness Training

Training Program Descriptions

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed and learned so much. And actually, it was especially validating for our Accessibility faculty. We are really trying to be the inclusive supportive and respectful organization that we all hope for.

Kyle Pellegrini,  Accessibility and Wellness Services, Keyano College, AB

Business Models

Getting DEI right for people with disabilities will form the basis of all future DEI practices and procedures. 

Only a small number of DEI training programs include people with disabilities. Positive Shift’s DEI training is rooted in Disability Awareness. Creating Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive sites begins with instilling pride in another person’s cultural identity and secondly reducing micro-aggressions. 

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1.  Choose  a Business Model, click Book Now

2. From Booking Online page, choose 

a Training Program 

     Introductory  Intermediate  or  Advanced   or Guest Speaker

book training dates with $50 deposit (N/A guest speaker). 

3. Receive a confirmation phone call within 3 days.

4. Get trained.

5. Pay invoice within 15 days of training.

Need for information?

     Call 780-271-0675 or email 

How to Order Training

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