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seated male drinking from a glass held by smiling woman, young man using a wheelchair playing a ukelele in front of seated young pretty woman outdoors, group of happy young women shopping one woman is using a wheelchair, young man with Down Syndrom wearing a suit seated in front of a laptop

Art Therapy for Caregivers

Disability Rights

Social worker talking to older woman, Indigenous mother, father and baby outdoors, care attendant laughing with a woman in her home, male caregiver and mature male using a wheelchair, teacher and student with disabilities tenderly touching foreheads

Art Therapy for Caregivers

Non-therapeutic art therapy exercises to help you connect with your clients, children, or students and enjoy work!

New class every 2 weeks!

Upcoming Events

  • Disability Rights Class
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Sept 07
    Online Class
    Sept 07, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. MDT
    Online Class
    4 month Disability Rights class. Stop fighting ableism and start demanding rights as a proud disabled full and valued member of society.

Disability Rights Class

Photo collage of male being assisted at home by partner to drink, male wheelchair user pla

Sept. 2023 and Jan. 2024
4 months
2 hour, online, non-credit

This 4 month, online, noncredit 2 hour class surveys disability rights in N. America and England.

Explore disability models, the American Disability Rights Movement, the 2019 Inclusive Canada Act, current disability rights movements in Canada, and learn how to get involved beyond letter writing.


Class includes lectures, live discussions, Canadian news articles, and student presentations (podcast, book reviews or an area of disability rights you want to explore).

Students receive advanced registration for Speaker Sessions where you can hear from Disability Rights leaders. 

This class is designed to move from fighting against ableism to promoting human rights as a matter of disability pride. 

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