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60 min. online coaching

Use the Positive aspects of life with a

disability to make daily life

easier and fulfilling.


Disability Coaching,

By a coach with a disability for people with disabilities

Appointments available Mon.-Sat. 10-7 MST

Call or Text 780-271-0675
to book your appointment

Living a Successful life with a Disability is not part of psychology training.

I live with a disability and studied how successful, happy people live with their disabilities. 

Together we can answer some of these questions. 

When, how and with whom can I share my diagnosis without feeling angry, ashamed, or guilty.  

How to I live when I feel my body betrayed me?

Did this happen because of something I did?

Will I ever feel normal again?

How do I talk to my doctor, create a supportive healthcare team, manage all these appointments?

Can you be happy when your future seems so uncertain?

Will anyone ever love me?

How do I get some balance back in my life when this thing has taken over so much of my life?

What can I do, what do people with disabilities and chronic illness do?


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