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Colour Soup Art Game

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Abstract Painting, many colours painted in squares
Abstract Painting

Colour Soup is a Creative Recipe that can make you feel better on a dull day to brighten your spirits. Looking at it will remind you of the colours of your life.

Colours can remind us of smells. Imagine the colour yellow. Quietly think the smell of yellow things. How do they feel as you eat them? What do yellow things taste like?

  1. Look at your colours (paint, pastel, or crayons) and chose one colour that attracts you. Imagine how you can use this colour and its smell, taste, texture in your colour soup.

  2. Pick 4 colours this way.

  3. Draw a circle on a page.

  4. Imagine the circle is your soup pot. Add your colour ingredients to the soup.

  5. Step back every so often to smell and look at your soup. Then continue adding spicy colours and ingredients to your soup until it smells and tastes delicious.

  6. Write down or tell a friend how you made your soup.

  7. Imagine how it feels to eat your soup? What would it feel like to have a bowl of your soup? Using movement, express what it feels like to a) start eating it, b) be halfway through the bowl, and c) finished?

  8. Use those 3 movements to create a dance to perform in front of a mirror or a friend.

  9. Reflect on what you learned about yourself playing this Expressive Arts game.

  10. How can you use that knowledge in the coming days to make your life a little sweeter, easier, and more fun.

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