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At Positive Shift we believe Nothing About Us Without Us! 

We are organizing all disabilities demonstrations to influence policies that diminish the opportunities and supports that people with disabilities can access. 

Join us for a virtual all-disabilities support group to share tips, help each other as we navigate through forms, locate agencies and programs, and make friends. 

Want to share an event? Send us an email and we'll add it to the calendar!

Activism and Support Group



Getting out and protesting against unjust social policies, using fundraising money to pay for research instead of programs that improve the lives of people living with disabilities, and portraying people with disabilities as helpless are ways we can change the world we live in. Disability rights protests are occurring all over the world. It is time for us to unite our voices.


All Disabilities Peer Support 

Support Group for Adults living with any type of Disability. Share tips, help each other, locate agencies and programs, find recreation and sports activities, discover apps and podcasts. Laugh and learn! The most qualified people to help people with disabilities are people with disabilities.

2nd Monday each month at 7 mst 


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In spite of living with a disability for 12 years, my knowledge of living with a disability was limited to what disease groups and healthcare providers told me. In 2022, writing the history of the American Disability Civil Rights Movement opened my eyes to the other side of living with a disability. Canadians with disabilities have fewer rights than Americans with disabilities. I became empowered learning how organizations fought for Disability Civil Rights. My spirit soared as I learned about the people and movements such as the Capitol Crawl, the 504 Sit-In, the Gang of 19, the Independent Living Movement, Sins InvalidEd Roberts, Judith Heumann, and Johnnie Lacy. This knowledge empowered me to envision my future differently. I want to share this empowering knowledge with people living with disabilities, school, healthcare providers, and social workers to create a Positive Shift in the attitudes, opportunities, and lives of Canadians.

Positive Shift makes ever effort to uphold and share the principles of the independent living movement and disability justice. 

For many years, disability justice has been the province of the dominant white culture and politicians. Disabilities are nondiscriminatory and occur throughout all sectors of society but are experienced Inequitably. To right this wrong Positive Shift humbly asks  This discrepancy  increases for Canadians with disabilities who live in rural areas, or are Indigenous, Black, Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, or any other visible minority. Peer support is needed. Positive Shift wishes to work with groups so they can make the training relevant to their cultural perspective. Disability justice must involve all people living with disabilities including the GLBTQ2+ community, Indigenous, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, and all other visible minorities and cultural groups in order to be equitable and promote true equality.

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