Art Therapy Coaching Services

Painting with the whole body
All services online only 

Individual Session - Sliding scare $45-$110 (we will negotiate the price)

Individual Session - Fixed income $25

no proof of income needed, I trust you

Group Session - $35/session or 4 sessions for $100

Adult sessions

60 min., unless we agree to 90 min. sessions. Art making can take longer. 

Child (5 - 16) and Parent sessions

45 min. One parent attends the session with the child. 

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities sessions  

60 min.  The check-in is shorter to allow more time for art making. 

Adult Art Therapy Coaching Group

2 hours. Two art therapy exercises. Starts in July 2022. Every 2 weeks. 

Old painter

Art Therapy Coaching

Art Therapy Coaching shifts trauma through the nervous system - release trauma - develop ways to feel safe, centred, and at peace. You will never return to who you were before this happened. You can choose how you emerge.

Art Therapy Coaching increases your range of expression, boundary setting skills, and awareness. Knowing your limitations, dreams, and abilities lets you move through life with greater ease

We focus on practicing how you want to feel and that pulls you towards your goals. Liberate your abilities, voice, and stand comfortably in the eye of chaos knowing that you are being pulled towards your goals rather than fighting to make change. It is a peaceful revolution rather than a struggle and fight to change.

Surrendering, listening, and responding intelligently allows you to grow fully into the person you want to be as you are pulled towards gratitude, joy, fulfillment, and peace. It results in longterm real change as you transform your life. It is hard to surrender, let go of old habits, and trust the process. It is life-affirming and powerful

With practice and time you can artfully juggle all that life tosses your way, name what is causing discomfort with clarity, look behind the veil of emotions, tell your story as a victor, and restore your equilibrium competently and quickly. 

By the way that's a picture of me in my costume during one of the periods when I had longish hair. 

Wesdyne, mature woman wearing a paper plate hat decorated with spools of thread and a measuring tape