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About Positive Shift

Positive Shift began as a way to help people with disabilities and chronic illness adjust to life, remove internal barriers to success, make positive changes, create effective plans, and find resources to create a fulfilling, happy life.  

After completing university in Spiritually Informed Psychotherapy and Art Therapy the vision grew to include people having a tough time with everyday life. People who just need a little help reducing the effects of anxiety, depression, setting boundaries to make their work and home lives better, and the courage to use their voice while standing competently in their truth. 

During the 7 years I studied Expressive Arts Therapy I hosted groups in shelters, facilitated weekend retreats, and learned to work with people just as they are. When people are in crisis they don't need insight, they need a soft place to land, a genuine welcome, and art settles the chaos.  


“Art was made to overcome chaos.”

Don Jones.

Meet Wesdyne

Art Therapy, Writer, Disability Advocate

Hi, welcome to Positive Shift. I'm Wesdyne, pronounced Wes-Dean. I am a disabled art therapist and counselor.

Let me help you recreate your life after an illness diagnosis, change in health, or loss. Perhaps you want to start living a life that feels more comfortable like Sundays in pyjamas. Maybe you desire less conflict and more laughter. A life that excites you, makes the most of your abilities. Perhaps you are looking to reduce your physical and psychological pain. You might have a child who is struggling to love themselves the way you love them. I help people do all those things and more.  

My husband and I live in rural Alberta. I enjoy talking to my dog, giggling with friends, writing kids' stories, and posting silly things on Facebook. Seriously, my facebook page is ridiculous.  https://www.facebook.com/wesdyne

smiling mature woman wearing glasses and a green hoodie

The studio office:

a blue cabin in the woods

The office and workshop site is a small, blue, rustic cabin. 

Women's art parties happen on the deck, under the canopy.

Walk and talk in the large meadow at the foot of the cabin.

Listen to the loons, blackbirds and birds on the lake just beyond the meadow.

Frogs in the fen serenade you.

Wind rustles the leave of the poplar, aspen, and birch trees.

For seven years, this unplumbed cabin was my home away from home.

Now it is a studio office.

Dog Friends


I am an associate member of the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Organization and the Canadian Art Therapy Association. I am in the process of registering as a Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. 



Master's Dip. Art Therapy

St. Stephen's College

  • Research Methodologies, Art Therapy, Parent/Child Art Therapy, Documentation

  • 350 hours of direct client contact

  • 75 hours of supervision (individual and group)

  • Guthrie School, Chrysalis Society, and Hosanna Lutheran Church, 


Master's Dip. Counselling

St. Stephen's College

  • Professional Ethics, Counselling Methods, Models of Therapy, Life Span Theory, Abnormal Psychology


Expressive Arts Therapy 

World Arts Organization


  • Expressive Arts Therapy Methods, Expressive Arts Theory

  • 150 hours of direct client contact

  • 50 hours supervision (individual and group)

  • Inner City Pastoral Ministry, Boyle Street Warming Shelter, Hosanna Lutheran Church


Bachelor of Education

University of Alberta

  • Art and Social Studies

  • Taught 7/8 split at Paul First Nation

  • Sub for Parkland and Sturgeon School Districts

  • French as a Second Language


Bachelor of Art & Design

University of Alberta

  • Painting, Art History

  • Art Educator for Art Gallery of Alberta and Gallery @501 (8 years)

  • Community art classes for elementary children (5 years)

  • Shows Art for the Living (2 years), UA summer landscape show

Contact Wesdyne Otto


632 Lakeside Point,

Spring Lake, Alberta

T7Z 2T5

Text or Call


Opening Hours

Mon - Thurs

10:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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  • Instagram
logo 2 horn of plenty attached to the 2 circles of the infinity sign, 2 dots above and below

About the Logo

I designed this when I was figuring out what Positive Shift does. 

I began with the yin-yang symbol to represent balance. 

The centre is the infinity symbol referring to balance is most helpful when we are dancing or walking.  It is knowing that we grow deep roots and branches that reach towards the future.

The dots are off-centre to show the difference between what seems to be going on and how the body and mind respond to it.

My husband pointed out that the logo is two doves - the peace that is contained in life is ever present, even when we are not aware of it being with us.