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The Positive Shift Story

My knowledge of disabilities was limited to what disease groups and healthcare providers told me. People with disabilities are damaged humans who will never be whole. That story bothered me. 

The American Disability Civil Rights Movement opened my eyes to the other side of living with a disability. My spirit soared as I learned about the Capitol Crawl, the 504 Sit-In, the Gang of 19, the Independent Living MovementSins InvalidEd RobertsJudith Heumann, and Johnnie Lacy. This knowledge empowered me to envision my future differently. I want to share this empowering knowledge with people living with disabilities, schools, healthcare providers, and social workers to create a Positive Shift in the attitudes, opportunities, and lives of Canadians.​

For many years, disability justice has been the province of the dominant white culture and politicians. Disabilities are nondiscriminatory and occur throughout all sectors of society but are experienced Inequitably. To right this wrong Positive Shift humbly asks  This discrepancy  increases for Canadians with disabilities who live in rural areas, and BIPOC people with disabilities. Peer support is needed. Positive Shift works with groups so they can make the training relevant to their cultural perspective. Disability justice must involve all people living with disabilities including the GLBTQ2+  and BIPOC community and other cultural groups in order to be equitable and promote true equality.

Change can happen. Rather than fight ableism we can stand together proud of our disability identities and demand to be treated as equal, valued Canadians. We can stop being victims. We can create a better tomorrow. It starts when we begin taking pride in our worth.  

Diverse People with Disabilities


Meet Wesdyne (Wes-deen)

Disability Advocate and Trainer

Welcome to Positive Shift. I'm Wesdyne, pronounced Wes-Deen. I am disabled woman living in rural Alberta. I was an art therapist and teacher. 

I learned about Disability Pride while writing the American Disability Civil Rights history for a nonprofit. This inspired the Disability Rights class.

People with disabilities can thrive and need access to higher education. This is a new idea in Canada. The Disability Awareness training helps create welcoming accessible campuses. 

I teach art classes for caregivers who want to use art with their clients, children and partners.

 I enjoy knitting, gardening, writing silly stories, and posting silly things on Facebook. Seriously, my facebook page is ridiculous.

smiling mature woman wearing glasses and a green hoodie
logo 2 horn of plenty attached to the 2 circles of the infinity sign, 2 dots above and below

About the Logo

I designed this when I was figuring out what Positive Shift does. 

I began with the yin-yang symbol to represent balance. 

The centre is the infinity symbol referring to balance is most helpful when we are dancing or walking.  It is knowing that we grow deep roots and branches that reach towards the future.

The dots are off-centre to show the difference between what seems to be going on and how the body and mind respond to it.

The two doves are for peace that is ever present, even when we are not aware of it being with us. 

Contact Wesdyne Otto


Spring Lake, Alberta

T7Z 2T5

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