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Accessibility Planning

Accessibility Planning for work or school can feel overwhelming. We flip the script. We focus on what you or your child can do. Everyone has the right to work and school. Accessibility planning helps you or your child earn a living, succeed at school. 

  1. An initial meeting to get to know each other, find your skills, and learn what needs to be bridged, and explore tech supports.

  2. A second meeting with Accessibility Office, Human Resources, Supervisor, Teacher, and School Counsellor to discuss goals. We work out an affordable, actionable plan so you can succeed at work or school.

  3. We meet after 2 weeks to see how the plan is working, make adjustments, so you can succeed.

  4. Positive Shift is available throughout the process, email or online meetings. 

  5. At the end of each term or work integrated placement all partners meet to catalogue what is working.

All the meetings are online. Accessibility is Positive Shift's specialty!

Starts at $75 for 4 meetings!

Work Integrated Learning?

Practicum, Apprenticeship, Work Experience Placement 

  1. Positive Shift works with you to create an accommodation plan.

  2. Positive Shifts meets with you and your placement supervisor to review and implement accommodation plan and worksite (via video). 

  3. Positive Shift reviews the plan with you and your supervisor after 2 weeks to make adjustments and notice what's working. 

  4. Positive Shift meets with you and your supervisor the last week of the placement to create a catalogue of what worked. 

Positive Shift is partners with the

Rural Development Network, and PADRA 

Elementary School male teacher helping a diverse girl in a classrom


  • Learn how to disclose your accessibility needs?

  • Get help finding a job and nailing the interview. 

  • Want to work, but need some adjustments at work?

  • Positive Shift connects employers with funding opportunities. 

  • We partner with CAN WiN to help you find leads and additional help with Human Resources. 

 CAN WiN is a federally funded employment agency for people with disabilities, including non-cognitive disabilities.   

Male wheelchair user at work in an office. Worker is wearing a white shirt, glasses, has reddish hair and is smiling.


Post-Secondary or k-12 Schools

  • We can attend or help you prepare for meetings with teachers, Accessibility Offices. 

  • Positive Shift knows current with accessibility tech, WAG standards, and Canadian Hearing and Blindness Associations' assistance programs. 


I am a former teacher, member of PADRA, extensively trained in Accessibility Technology, Universal Design in Learning, test and lesson design, and educating for success.

Positive Shift makes sure that education educates

Groupf of 5 diverse grade 7 students, smiling, holding books


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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