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Starting Work?

Do you have a disability or chronic illness?

Are you unsure how to disclose your accessibility needs?

Need help landing an interview

Want to work, but need some adjustments at work?

Positive Shift can help. 

We partner with disability employment agencies to help you find leads and additional help with Human Resources. 

Going to School? 

Do you or your child have a disability or chronic illness?

Want help at IEP meetings? 

Do you or your child learn, behave, and express themselves differently?

Is more time for tests not cutting it? Can tech help?  

Know that success is possible?

Positive Shift can help. 

I am a former teacher and a disability advocate with extensive training on Accessibility Technology, Universal Design in Learning, test and lesson design, and educating for success. Most of all I'm passionate about making sure that education educates


Accessibility Planning

Accessibility Planning for work or school can feel overwhelming and disheartening. No one likes to talk about what they can't do? 

We flip the script. We focus on what you or your child can do. Everyone has the right to work, go to school, and play. Accessibility planning helps you or your child earn a living, succeed at school, or discover how to join recreational activities. 

We meet three times. An initial meeting to get to know each other, find your skills, and learn what needs to be bridged. A second meeting with human resources, boss, teacher or school psychologist to discuss goals. We work out an affordable, actionable plan so you can succeed at work or school. We meet again to see how the plan is working, make adjustments, and put in place more markers to make sure that your success grows. 

All the meetings are online. This is my specialty, making life better - one positive shift at a time!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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